April 22, 2011

Bead embroidery post earring with rose quartz cabs and Swarovski strass

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Hello Beads Friend!
In this video I want to show you the last pair of earrings I made. It's an embroidery beadwork that I made using 2 rose quartz oval cabochons size 18x13mm, 6 Swarovski strasses size 4mm, Toho seed beads size 11/0 (colour number 557) and Miyuki seed beads size 15/0 (colour number 188). First of all I made a round of gold seed beads all around the cabochon, and I made I second round of seed beads size 15/0. Then I fixed the swarovski strass on the ultra suede, and I sew the gold beads all around my strasses. The set of the strass was really evident, and so I made another round of seed beads size 15/0, to cover the set of the strass. Than I made another round of golden seed beads all around my work, I put the post finding on the back of the earring, and I covered the back part with another piece of ultra suede. The last step was sewing another round of seed beads size 15/0 on the edges of my earrings. For creating these earrings I used the super-glue, it's not a specific glue for embroidery, but I wanted to make a try. When I used super-glue to fix my cabochon on the work, I didn't have any problem (do not use super-glue with swarovski or some other coloured component, because sometimes super-glue eats the colour!!!), but when I used super glue to join the two pieces of ultra suede, the cloth became harder, and the needle didn't pass through the cloth easily. I hope that everything is clear and understandable, see you soon on the next video.
Have a nice beading!

Sara - Sarubbest.

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