March 31, 2011

Bead embroidery pendant. Beaded necklace made with Herringbone stitchand Embroidery technique

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Hello Beads Friends!
In this video I want to show you my last creation: it's a bead embroidery necklace. Precisely I made a bead embroidery pendant using a polymer cabochon I made 2 months ago. I surrounded this polymer clay cabochon first with some Miyuki tringle beads size 10/0 (colour number 2006) and then with some charlotte beads size 13/0. The colours of the charlotte beads I used are bronze and cream. Then I completed my pendant creating the decoration upon the polymer clay cabochon, always using triangle beads and charlotte beads. I used ultra-suede cloth as a base for my embroidery work. I really love the ultra suede and I decided to try it because on my embroidery book I read that ultra suede is the suggest cloth for the embroidery technique. I'm really satisfied, beacuse ultra suede is soft and thin, but it's also very tough. For making the necklace I created a tubular herringbone using charlotte beads size 13/0. I started my tubular herringbone with 6 charlotte beads. The last step was appling a t-bar finding. I hope that all my explanations are clear and I hope that this beaded necklace can be an inspiration for you. See you soon on the next video.
Have a nice beading!

Sara - Sarubbest.

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