December 5, 2010

Polymer clay mold. How to make a mold for polymer clay creations using a special silicon rubber

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Hello Beads Friends!
It's about two I months I'm trying a new putty to create cabochon molds. The name of my putty (or rubber) is Ruba Forma, it's produced by Linearte Sebino, and I bought it in Italy. I have seen a video of a friend of mine where she shows another putty called Melt and Pour, and I think that putty is really very similar to mine. To create a cabochon mold with a flat back that you can use as a base, you need this putty, a polymer clay cutter (or a biscuit cutter) and a cabochon to use as a mold. Put your cabochon into your cutter, then after having mixed the two rubbers, push them on the cabochon, so that you fill the cutter. Push on the upper part of the putty to create a flat surface and then wait 10 minutes, until the putty dries. Your mold now is ready to be use!
I hope everything is clear and see you soon on the next video.
Have a nice beading!

Sara - Sarubbest.

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